Charter of Friendship

Llantrisant Community Council, with the support of Llantrisant Male Choir and Llantrisant Town Trust, have signed a Charter of Friendship with Crecy en Ponthieu in Northern France.


The links between Llantrisant and Crecy go back to 1346 when the famous longbowmen of Llantrisant fought for the “Black Prince” of Wales at Crecy, defeating the King of Bohemia and claiming his emblem of three ostrich feathers which has been adopted by every Welsh prince since. Those gallant Welshmen, known as the “Black Army” returned to their hilltop home and were awarded the freedom of the ancient borough, an honour that the Freemen of Llantrisant continue to uphold despite the passing of the centuries.


Crecy in turn remember the sacrifice of the King of Bohemia and to this day preserve the site of the battle on the outskirts of the village.  Each year an annual medieval festival includes reenactments from the battle.

It is hoped that together through the Charter we can offer unique opportunities to understand the valuable history and culture of our twin towns. Although the association has been there for over 650 years, it did not begin as one of harmony and friendship, something that the signing of the Charter will symbolise.


The Charter:

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Please refer to our March and August 2015 "News" sections for further information and photographs of Crecy's visit to Llantrisant and Llantrisant's visit to Crecy.


If you are interested in making links with a similar organisation in Crecy please contact the Parish Office.








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