CRÉCY EN PONTHIEU - Grand Medieval Fayre of St Louis

CRÉCY EN PONTHIEU - Grand Medieval Fayre of St Louis

30 Aug 2017

Every fourth Weekend in August the village of Crécy en Ponthieu, France is transported back in time to commemorate the battle of Crécy en Ponthieu which took place in 1346.


A historic atmosphere permeates the streets as everybody dresses up in their finest period costumes. Wandering through Crécy are lords and ladies, knights on horseback, soldiers, farmers and peasants. Market stalls line the streets selling ancient wares along with delicious smells of fresh bread baking in wood fired ovens wafted through Crécy.


Throughout the weekend there is plenty to entertainment from battle re-enactments, jousts, archery displays and banquets. Dancers and musician perform on street corners adding to the medieval ambiance.


This year visitors and specialists of the Middle Ages joined the residents of Crécy, some came from as far as Wales, England, Belgium and the Czech Republic. Once fierce enemies now stand side by side. Following a service at Saint Séverin Church the precession lead by the Mayor of Crécy-en-Ponthieu, Gérard Lheureux and a Welsh delegation; Councillor Allan Matherson, Llantrisant Community Council, Martin Hooker, Llantrisant Town Trust and Mike Perry, Llantrisant’s Police Constable, laid wreathes at the Jean De Luxembourg Memorial before continuing on to the battlefield lookout tower of La Tour de Édouard lll.


"I ask you to sow these seeds of peace," proclaims Gérard Lheureux, Mayor of Crécy-en-Ponthieu in his speech.


Llantrisant Community Council, with the support of Llantrisant Male Choir and Llantrisant Town Trust, signed a Charter of Friendship with Crecy en Ponthieu in Northern France in 2015.



The links between Llantrisant and Crecy go back to 1346 when the famous longbow men of Llantrisant fought for the “Black Prince” of Wales at Crecy, defeating the King of Bohemia and claiming his emblem of three ostrich feathers which has been adopted by every Welsh prince since. Those gallant Welshmen, known as the “Black Army” returned to their hilltop home and were awarded the freedom of the ancient borough, an honor that the Freemen of Llantrisant continue to uphold despite the passing of the centuries.


The Charter now offer unique opportunities to understand the valuable history and culture of our twin towns.


Though out the weekend the Welsh delegation spent time with their counterparts forging links and exchanging ideas. The visit was funded by the individuals attending and the kind hospitality of the French.


If you are interested in visiting Crécy-en-Ponthieu or would like any further information please contact the Clerk at Llantrisant Community Council. 









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