Outside Areas


Dr William Price Memorial Garden, High Street, Llantrisant

This land is owned by Rhondda Cynon Taff C.B.C. but on long term lease to the Council. It is planted with heathers, which provide a colourful welcome to those driving or walking up the winding hill to the old town. 


Hunters Gate, Cross Inn

This large open space was donated by the developers; trees have been planted, seats erected, a path constructed and a well used football goal is in place.


Codgers Corner, Tynant

This land was claimed by the Council and comprises a very well-used seating area, where trees have been planted. The Council erected a dram as a memorial to those who worked at Cwm Colliery. 


Heol Johnson, Talbot Green

This land is owned by Rhondda Cynon Taff C.B.C. but on long term lease to the Community Council. The area was overgrown and infested with knotweed. The Community Council have restored it to a grassed area with a copper beach hedge and trees. 


Mount Pleasant Gardens, Beddau

This piece of land was originally derelict and was reclaimed by the Community Council over 20 years ago. In recent times the Council has started a refurbishment of the area in conjunction with Bryn Celynnog Comprehensive School. In 2013 the then year 7 pupils created artwork for the boundary walls on the theme of the four seasons. Next, the central flower bed was replanted with wild flowers to encourage local wildlife. In January 2014 we unveiled a new centrepiece, made up of a mosaic and innovative stainless steel seat which the pupils created via an E3+ project with the support of Motor Mango Co. If you sit on the seat, with your back to the road, anything you say, sing or shout will be echoed by the surrounding flower bed. The bees and other insects which can be found on the wild flowers feature in the mosaic and on the seat entitled “Rhythm of Life”. An additional element of the project, a stunning new name board, designed by Turnip Starfish Ltd and once again created by pupils at Bryn Celynnog for the garden, has had to be removed and is now on display in the Parish Office as unfortunately the material used was not resilient enough to withstand its road-side location.






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